Open an Account . . .

Open an Account Image Open an account and become one of our valued customers

Opening an account with us is easy. All we need is the following information from you.

To apply preferably email us . . .
1. Your company trading name
2. Your full address
3. Your telephone and mobile numbers
4. Your email address
5. The name of a contact person

Even if we open an account for you we would normally expect at least the first three orders placed with us to be paid upon the order being placed with us before we can start to extend credit terms.

Our normal credit terms are payment within 30 days of Invoice date unless prior arrangements have been made in writing. We normally issue Invoices within 48 hours of the delivery of your work by post in the main although, if requested, we will send Invoices via email.

We normally check all new accounts through a Credit Referencing Agency prior to opening any account. We also reserve the right to remove credit facilities without notice if we feel the facility is being abused.

If you require any further details contact Mick the Printer and speak to Mick.